What Is Anxiety?

Jean   May 17, 2018   Comments Off on What Is Anxiety?

We often heard ‘anxiety’ in our daily life. But what is anxiety exactly? Why there are many people who have this? In fact, this is a mental illness. Anxiety is the most common illness besides stress. Especially in the United States, there is 40 percent of people in total who suffer from anxiety. From teenager to adults, anxiety can attack everyone.

Anxiety disorder includes OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), social anxiety, as well as panic disorder. Anxiety can lead to depression if it is not treated quickly. An anxiety sufferer will suffer both physically and mentally. They can feel panic, headache, shortness of breath, dizzy, and rapid heartbeat at the same time.

How To Treat Anxiety?

To treat anxiety, you can treat it naturally. For example, get yourself a natural sunlight. In the morning, you can go outside for a walk or jog just 15 minutes so you can get natural sunlight. Sunlight in the morning will give you vitamin D. This vitamin can decrease your anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, it can also treat depression. You can gain a lot of benefits from outdoor activity, especially in the morning. If you live in the city, you can walk or jog in the city park or you just spend your weekend to walk or jog in the forest.

Exercise is also great for your mental state. The study showed that by exercising regularly, you can reduce your stress hormone and your anxiety symptoms will decrease too. You can feel happier by exercising. This activity boosts endorphins. So, it can make you feel relax, boost your mood, and ease your anxiety disorder. You can walk, jogging, hike, or cycling on the weekend.

Take less caffeine is also a must for an anxiety sufferer. This beverage can boost your energy but it also makes you feel more anxious. You need to reduce your caffeine intake. You can also choose healthier drink such as fresh juice or green tea.