Problem Solving Of High Heels Health’s Problem

Jean   May 9, 2018   Comments Off on Problem Solving Of High Heels Health’s Problem

Are you a career woman who are always using high heels in your daily activities? Ok, let me tell you that it is not healthy. Well, maybe you already know about it but you just do not care with it. However, you should care because it related to your appearance. If you are women, you know how important the appearance is. So, do not break your own foot and let’s get the problem solving for this high heels things.

How To Solve High Heels Health’s Problem In Women?

It sometimes already become the rules for women to wear high heels for their job. However, you know there are so many types of shoes. High heels with too high heels are not the only option. Come on, you are living in modern days where you can choose what you can wear, including the shoes. So, here are the tips to solve the high heels problem for you:

  1. You should choose the platform type of shoes if you want to add the height of your body.
  2. However, if you still insist to use the ordinary high heels; you better do not wear the high heels more than two inches high. This kind of high heels also beautiful but still safe for your foot.
  3. You should avoid the high heels type of stiletto or the heels with two tiny sticks. It will hurt your foot and forefoot.

There are so many options for high heels nowadays. Your company does not force you to use only one type of high heels, right? So, choose the one that will make you healthy and do not torture your body.

If you think the company does not like the shoes you have chosen and force you to wear too high heels; you know you have choices. You may continue to work there or get the better place for better health. Beauty not only come from high heels.