Maintain the Health of Your Long Hair

Jean   April 6, 2018   Comments Off on Maintain the Health of Your Long Hair

Hair is the most beautiful crown for women. Hair becomes the charisma for the appearance of women. Dense black hair becomes the added value of beauty for women. No wonder many women who always maintain the health and appearance of long hair. Many women who always maintain the health of long hair, because they do not want their long hair loss, dull, dry, and also branched. Many hair health products nowadays that can be used to prevent hair damage. But do not use too many hair care products, because the chemicals which are contained in hair care products quite dangerous and can damage the health of the hair. So use just enough of hair care products.

Make Your Hair Long, Black, Purity, and Dense

To make your long hair healthy, black, and dense, hair should be washed to keep it clean. Shampoo can indeed nourish your scalp and can prevent the occurrence of dandruff. But do not use the shampoo too often, because the chemicals in the shampoo can cause dry scalp if used frequently. The shampoo is enough 3 to 4 times per week. When finished shampooing, do not directly dry your hair hard. Dry the hair gently with a thick towel, as much as possible do not rub hair too much. To dry the hair faster we can use the fan. Let the hair dry, after your hair dry enough, you can comb hair. Avoid using a vise machine or a hair dryer, the heating temperature in the hair dryer can slowly damaging your hair.

Use hair oil product which is applied to the entire surface of the scalp to keep the cultivate scalp so our scalp not to dry. Hair also requires nutrients to be healthier and more fertile. Using conditioner can nourish your long hair, after shampooing use conditioner to add nutrients to your hair.