Let’s Make Your WhatsApp Status be More Attractive!

Jean   April 8, 2018   Comments Off on Let’s Make Your WhatsApp Status be More Attractive!

Nowadays, messenger is not only for texting or calling other. There are a lot of new features developed. For example, WhatsApp application. You can find a lot if features besides chatting room there. Some people are even like to update WhatsApp status. Then, you can also update your recent activity with pictures or video on there. It must be the greatest one. You can also even express your feeling through that features. Moreover, you can even write status in attractive ways.

Features to Make Your Status Attractive

If you area WhatsApp user from the start, so you might know the change this messenger. At first, it was only allowed to text and call. Then, it developed to have video calling feature. Nowadays, you can even update your latest with text, picture, or even videos. It must be greatest one. In one application, you can do everything. Moreover, you can create WhatsApp status in attractive way. Here are the features which will help to make your status attractive:

  • Text Based Status

You will not be limited again to write anything on your mind. There is a feature which will let you to write in short or longer phrase. To make it even attractive, there is a choice for background. You can use colourful background with different colour choice for the font colour. Moreover, you can also even change the font that will make it looks greater.


  • Picture and Video

You can take a picture, then share it on status box. You can even add stickers, doodle, or text on it. On the other hand, there is also a description box where you can put any text on it without touching your photo. Then, you can also upload a video on it. You can go to love-status.org, if you need romantic description to be uploaded.