Indonesian Best Banana

Jean   May 17, 2018   Comments Off on Indonesian Best Banana

Indonesia is the biggest banana supplier in Asia. Can you imagine the number of bananas in this country and how many calories in a banana can help people to be healthier? As the first supplier in Asia, it has no doubt that so many varieties of banana spread in every single island. Even in our friend’s house, there might be several bananas we can see.

Banana is a domestic plant in south-east Asia if you are visiting one of the countries you will see the banana tree for sure. Recently, banana had been widely planted in any other country in Asia. In Indonesia, there are so many types of banana from each place, as mentioned below.

A Good Banana For You

  1. Ambon Banana

There are 2 types of Ambon banana that popular in Indonesia, Moss Ambon Banana and Yellow Ambon Banana. Moss Ambon banana also is known as Green Ambon Banana because of its green skin. Even the skin colored with green, this is a processed fruit. Both of them are basically the same, but the color separated them into 2 types. The size is about 15-17 centimeters. How many calories in a banana if that is the size of it?

  1. Raja Sereh Banana

This is a small type of banana. Usually, people know with the name Milk Banana. It has a thin skin with yellow color and has black small freckles on it. The meat of the fruit is smooth and has a white color. The taste is sweet and has a different smell with another banana.

  1. Cavendish Banana

This type is the top list of exporting banana. So many countries love this kind of banana because it has a pure yellow in the skin when it processed, the meat is smooth and solid. The taste is a little bit sour. 15 centimeters in the length and had a good portion if you ask how many calories in a banana.