Indonesia And Its Never-Ending Charm Of Nature

Jean   May 25, 2018   Comments Off on Indonesia And Its Never-Ending Charm Of Nature

Traveling to Indonesia means that you have to be ready to the great charm of every tourism sites in this country. Even though you might already find your experience in some places in Indonesia, like Bali and Lombok, it is never enough since Indonesia always has its great nature to visit. There are many places to visit and almost every province in Indonesia has many great nature tourism sites. To know more about some places that good for the recommendation, please read the following paragraphs.

Must Place To Go While Traveling To Indonesia

If you want to go traveling to Indonesia, do not forget to decide your destination. It would be good if you have many places to try since it will be something relaxing. However, you have to remember that Indonesia is an archipelago, which means it has many islands. It would be better to take a focus in one place or island for one visitation to Indonesia.

  • Karimun Jawa

When you come to Java, Indonesia, make sure to visit this place. When you arrive in Karimun Jawa, you will really enjoy the stunning sceneries there. There, you can experience something unique, which is the place where to experience the sunset and sunrise. You even can find the shark farm there. These great natural things are something that you should never forget.

  • Belitung Island

Belitung Island is the part of East Sumatra Province of Indonesia. For your information, this destination is the stunning destination that becomes the background setting of Rainbow Troops, a popular novel in Indonesia. You can really experience the amazing landscape and great beach to see the sunset.

Those two places are recommended for you if you want to experience the other destinations site of Indonesia. You can try to visit those places when you come to this country. Then, for you who are still curious about the other great places of Indonesia, you can access