How to Download Printer Driver for Windows?

Jean   May 19, 2018   Comments Off on How to Download Printer Driver for Windows?

Download printer driver for Windows is an important task since you need it to use your printer. For your information, a printer driver is like a software. This software is needed to your Windows and printer so they both can communicate. You can use your printer if you have printer driver because it serves as a bridge between them.

If you don’t have printer driver on your PC, there will be things that don’t work well. For example, PowerPoint can’t work if you don’t install a printer driver on your PC. Because you need to set it as default if you want to use PowerPoint to the fullest.

Where Can You Download Printer Driver for Windows?

There are many websites to download printer driver for Windows, but we will give you a recommendation later at the end of the article. Let’s focus on how to install it first. Actually, a printer driver is already installed on Windows usually. The driver is a standard one but it still works well.

The printer driver is a local printer which means that the driver is already on your laptop or computer. It is not connected by a network, although you can also connect them later. If the printer is already on your computer, you need to know whether it is local or not. How to check that?

You need to go to ‘Start’ and choose ‘Control Panel.’ Click the Faxes icon. There will be printer icon and you need to right-click that and click ‘Properties’. There will be dialog box form the ‘Properties’ on your general tab. You just need to click a test page to test your printer.

There will be a pc name. If the name is similar to your PC, it means that the printer driver is a local printer. You can use the printer right now. But if it is not a local printer, then you can download printer driver for Windows only on