Getting Prepared For Rinjani Trekking Trip

Jean   April 16, 2018   Comments Off on Getting Prepared For Rinjani Trekking Trip

Hiking and trekking activity actually need only a simple preparation moreover for you who have done it quite a lot. If you are visiting Lombok and going to fill the days with Rinjani trekking, you may need to do some preparation. Besides being physically ready you need to prepare some other trekking gears. You may need to equip yourself with some essentials gears. If you are a beginner, there are some points you need to highlight and put on your notes. There are the checklists during the run-up to trekking Rinjani.

Essential Trekking Gears And Outfit

Firstly, for safety trekking, you need to prepare some essential gears such as backpack or carrier to load your personal belonging. A tent is very important to provide you warm and safe shelter. The sleeping bag is necessary for keeping you warm during the night. Special trekking shoes and headlamps are things you cannot miss. If you are on Rinjani trekking independently with your group, you may need a cooking set with you. Do not forget to prepare trash bag to take your trash down from the mountain.

Secondly, you may not aware that proper outfit for trekking is completely different from general clothing. During your trip, you may need a waterproof jacket. It can prevent you from being wet and keep you from strong wind. Socks, beanies, gloves, a scarf can help you stay warm at night. During the journey, you may need light clothes that allow you to freely move.

Other Supplies To Prepare

Make sure you have enough supplies of high-calorie food and snack. Taking some chocolates on your carrier will be beneficial to boost your energy. Another very important item is water. Adjust water supply with the length of your trip. Some coffee and tea can keep you warm. If you are joining Rinjani trekking program, you may omit that equipment for the operator will provide all your needs.