Get To Know The Function Of Rattan

Jean   May 8, 2018   Comments Off on Get To Know The Function Of Rattan

Do you know rattan? Rattan Indonesia furniture is a famous product of the local manufacturer. It is usually made into several kinds of furniture. It can be for personal usages such as for interior and exterior decoration at home. Otherwise, it can be used for business purposes such as for restaurant and hotel decoration.

Famous Products Made Of Rattan

For its wide range of use, many artisans are developing and creating a new design. They creatively modify the already existing furniture into various unique items. Creative artisans modify the common leather or fabric bag and purse into rattan ones. Not only is it creative, but also has a high value of aesthetics. There are some famous products which are made of rattan.

  • Furniture

The first common item which is made of rattan is furniture. There are many kinds of rattan Indonesia furniture you can find in the market. You can find various model and design of chairs and table set. It can be used either for indoor and outdoor purposes. Specifically, you may find certain chair and sofa for living room, bar stools for the kitchen to rocking chair. Other furniture made of rattan are wardrobe, cabinet, daybed etc.

  • Weapon

Not only is it made into furniture, some manufacturer also produces a weapon from rattan. It can be made into a stick and martial art weapon. Some groups of martial art use rattan rods for practice and for one of their special identity. Some countries in Asia even use rattan as a tool to punish criminal actors.

  • Other Utility

Lastly, rattan Indonesia furniture is available in various household items. It is made into miscellaneous either for personal or business purpose such as for restaurant.  You may find placemat from rattan with several of shape and size. Manufacturers even make a fan, room divider, and other decoration from this material.