Easy Ways To Update Printer Driver On Windows 7

Jean   April 12, 2018   Comments Off on Easy Ways To Update Printer Driver On Windows 7

Windows 7 is a version of Windows Operating System. It is still popular among windows user though there are new versions that have been released. One of the reasons is because of its compatibility with external devices not to mention the Printer Driver. This version of Windows can support external devices without installing the driver beforehand. It is indeed helpful for users for they do not need to worry if their devices cannot connect to the computer or laptop they use. If users need to get the latest updates of the driver the system can recognize it and help them find the update quickly.

How To Get The Updated Version Of Your Printer Driver?

On a certain occasion, the user cannot use the printer for it doesn’t work at all. In such situation, it is more likely that users need to update the driver. There are two ways users can do to get the updated version of Printer Driver. The processes are pretty simple though you are not a tech-geeks. First, you can get the benefit of using system update. Windows update is an innate feature from Windows 7 that users can use to solve driver update problem. To get to Windows update users should click on ‘Start’ then choose ‘All Program’. After that, users can click ‘Check for updates’ then ‘Install Updates’ and let the system update the drivers and you are all set.

Another way to update Printer Driver is by updating manually. Sometimes, the system cannot detect any update. You can simply go to manufacturer’s official website and go to support menu then select your type of printer. If you think that the process is too long you can use websites that provide a direct link to driver download. It is much easier. Once you finish downloading, you can install them by following the instruction. Finally, your printer can work well again.