Clean Up Your Baby Bottle

Jean   April 29, 2018   Comments Off on Clean Up Your Baby Bottle

Having a baby is a joy for mothers. They will be happy to take care of and raise their babies. But when mothers face various problems in caring for the baby, one of them is during breastfeeding. Many of these mothers have obstacles in breastfeeding their babies, for example, their breast milk does not come out.

If their breast milk does not come out, one solution is to pump the breast to get the milk out. Breast milk from the pump should be stored in a sterile bottle. This is also an important thing to be considered by mothers.

The Importance Of Keeping The Bottle Hygienic

The hygiene of milk storage or milk bottles should always be maintained. One way to keep a bottle of milk hygienic and sterile is to always wash the bottle immediately after use. This is very important to do so that bacteria that can harm the health does not breed in the bottle, given the baby is very vulnerable in terms of physical so easily exposed by bacteria or viruses.

To sterilize baby bottles, we can use a tool called baby bottle sterilizer. This tool is available at the baby supplies store, or you can also buy it online at Use of this tool is very effective and also efficient in sterilizing baby bottles because this tool can kill germs thoroughly and can be used to clean several bottles at once in a single use.

How to use this tool is also easy? You can follow the following steps to use baby bottle sterilizer.

  1. The bottom of the tool is filled with water according to capacity.
  2. Put baby bottle and pacifier in baby bottle sterilizer in reverse position. It aims to make the sterilization process work optimally.
  3. Close the baby bottle sterilizer tightly so no steam comes out.
  4. Turn on the sterilizer for a few minutes according to the instructions.