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Several Benefits Of Eating Right Foods

What does the meaning of right foods? Well, there are many foods these days. You may take the wrong and unhealthy foods. Anyway, the health benefits of foods will be here for you. So, you will not eat the wrong food that will ruin your health and body. Do you want to know the benefits of eating right foods? See them all as follow.

The Right Foods And The Benefits Of Them For Your Body

There are many kinds of foods these days. You may eat the wrong foods and you do not know it. The trend of modern snacks also sometimes may ruin your balance of body nutrition. That is why sometimes you need to count your own calorie.

The right foods will not contain too much sugar or harmful ingredients. You should know what you eat first; then, eat it. However, you know that the organic foods mostly good for you. So, here I will share the health benefits of foods for you:

  1. It will give you enough nutrition and vitamin you need including fiber and any other substances your body need.
  2. You will be satisfied and get more energy to do your activities.
  3. You will look healthy inside and outside.
  4. You will not get any dangerous disease or malnutrition.
  5. Your digestive system will run normally and well.
  6. Your body will get all it needs.

Well, there are so many benefits of right foods for your body. You know how bad alcohol and junk food; therefore, you should not consume them. If you know there is trend snack but the ingredients are not healthy; you better do not consume it.

So, that is it. Click to get more useful information. You surely will need more information and tips about foods including the home remedies made of foods. There are many of them and you should know.

Improve Your Mood For Better Days

The mood is kind of mysterious thing. Sometimes, some people feel like their mood like on a roller coaster. In fact, the mood will impact your mind and activity every day. For your information, if you have the wrong step from the morning so your mood will be darkened in the whole day. In that situation, you need to make sure that you have to control your mood well. You need to do certain things to let yourself happy every moment.


DO Things For Lighten Up Your Mood Every Day

If you have the problem with mood, so you need to start to control it. As long as you can control your mood well, so your day will not be too ruined. Here are the best ways which will help you to be happier in every second of your days:

  • Always Grab Your Breakfast

Although you are busy, you still need to grab your breakfast. Never skip your breakfast since your mood will be decreasing. Moreover, breakfast is a start for your energy. If you are lack of energy, so your blood sugar will drop. As result, your brain will not function on right state and you will get stress easily.


  • Do Exercise Routinely

Actually, exercise will not only make your body healthier. Exercise also helps your mind fresh. That is why you need to do exercise routine which will easily release your stress. The more you do exercises, the more benefits that you take.


  • Think More in Positive Way

What you think will effect on what you do now and later. If you want to feel happier every day, so you need to get rid of all your negativity. Just change all negativity to be positivity. In that way, your mood will lighten up as well. To get rid all negativity is difficult, but you can try at least having more positivity than negativity.

Simple Ways To Keep The Heath Of Eyes

Our eyes are one of the most important parts of the body. With the sense of vision, we can see and watch so many types of colors, objects, and variety of the beauty in this world. Imagine that if you have a problem with your eyes, there will be obstacles while you are doing your activity. Therefore, we have to take care of our eyes seriously. Some people think the cost of treating the eyes is expensive, but there are some ways to treat our eyes with low budgets.

Low Costs Treating Your Eyes!

So many ways to get your eyes healthy besides going to doctors. These tips would not be spending too much money of yours, just follow the tips below.

First, certainly consuming healthy foods. By routinely consuming fruits and vegetables every day, it helps you to get more vitamin for your eyes. There are some types of fruit and vegetable contain a good nutrition, such as carrot, tomato, grape, broccoli, and so many more.

Second, wear a sunglass to avoid the sun lights on your eyes. Besides sun lights, it avoids the dust if you are on a journey riding motorcycle. It really helps your eyes.

Third, make a distance operating computer or smartphone. You have to make a distance, minimum 30 centimeters between your eyes and your gadget. This is the ideal distance using your gadgets.

Fourth, avoid a dark room if you want to read a book. It is a must if you are going to read a book with a bright situation. If you want to read in a dark room, at least use a desk lamp to help you read the book.

Fifth, consuming extra vitamin. Actually, we can get vitamins from the food we eat every day, but it is legal if we want to consume some extra vitamins for our body.

Indonesian Best Banana

Indonesia is the biggest banana supplier in Asia. Can you imagine the number of bananas in this country and how many calories in a banana can help people to be healthier? As the first supplier in Asia, it has no doubt that so many varieties of banana spread in every single island. Even in our friend’s house, there might be several bananas we can see.

Banana is a domestic plant in south-east Asia if you are visiting one of the countries you will see the banana tree for sure. Recently, banana had been widely planted in any other country in Asia. In Indonesia, there are so many types of banana from each place, as mentioned below.

A Good Banana For You

  1. Ambon Banana

There are 2 types of Ambon banana that popular in Indonesia, Moss Ambon Banana and Yellow Ambon Banana. Moss Ambon banana also is known as Green Ambon Banana because of its green skin. Even the skin colored with green, this is a processed fruit. Both of them are basically the same, but the color separated them into 2 types. The size is about 15-17 centimeters. How many calories in a banana if that is the size of it?

  1. Raja Sereh Banana

This is a small type of banana. Usually, people know with the name Milk Banana. It has a thin skin with yellow color and has black small freckles on it. The meat of the fruit is smooth and has a white color. The taste is sweet and has a different smell with another banana.

  1. Cavendish Banana

This type is the top list of exporting banana. So many countries love this kind of banana because it has a pure yellow in the skin when it processed, the meat is smooth and solid. The taste is a little bit sour. 15 centimeters in the length and had a good portion if you ask how many calories in a banana.

What Is Anxiety?

We often heard ‘anxiety’ in our daily life. But what is anxiety exactly? Why there are many people who have this? In fact, this is a mental illness. Anxiety is the most common illness besides stress. Especially in the United States, there is 40 percent of people in total who suffer from anxiety. From teenager to adults, anxiety can attack everyone.

Anxiety disorder includes OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), social anxiety, as well as panic disorder. Anxiety can lead to depression if it is not treated quickly. An anxiety sufferer will suffer both physically and mentally. They can feel panic, headache, shortness of breath, dizzy, and rapid heartbeat at the same time.

How To Treat Anxiety?

To treat anxiety, you can treat it naturally. For example, get yourself a natural sunlight. In the morning, you can go outside for a walk or jog just 15 minutes so you can get natural sunlight. Sunlight in the morning will give you vitamin D. This vitamin can decrease your anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, it can also treat depression. You can gain a lot of benefits from outdoor activity, especially in the morning. If you live in the city, you can walk or jog in the city park or you just spend your weekend to walk or jog in the forest.

Exercise is also great for your mental state. The study showed that by exercising regularly, you can reduce your stress hormone and your anxiety symptoms will decrease too. You can feel happier by exercising. This activity boosts endorphins. So, it can make you feel relax, boost your mood, and ease your anxiety disorder. You can walk, jogging, hike, or cycling on the weekend.

Take less caffeine is also a must for an anxiety sufferer. This beverage can boost your energy but it also makes you feel more anxious. You need to reduce your caffeine intake. You can also choose healthier drink such as fresh juice or green tea.

DIY Mask For Summer

Summer weather is not friendly for our skin. The sunlight can damage your skin and the worst thing is it can cause skin cancer. That’s why whenever summer comes, you need to protect your skin more. Besides using sunscreen and moisturizer, you need to upgrade your skincare routine by applying mask twice a week.

You don’t have to use an expensive mask or over-the-counter mask because sometimes those products can irritate your skin. You can use a DIY mask for your summer skincare routine. The ingredients are all natural, easy to find, and cheap. The steps to make them are also easy to follow.

Avocado Mask To Protect Your Skin In Summer

The DIY mask that you can make is avocado face mask. Since summer can make your skin dry, using moisturizer is not enough. You need to moisturize your skin more by making this DIY mask. Avocado is great when it comes to moisturizing skin. That’s why for everyone who has dry skin, this mask is for you. Moreover, this mask is also great for scaling and peeling skin.

Avocado can give you amazing moisture to your skin. Moreover, you will need honey and coconut oil which are also great for moisturizing. Those ingredients provide great moisture and they can heal any raw and rough area on your skin. For your information, there are some popular celebs who recommend this mask which is Jessica Biel and Victoria Beckham.

You just need a half of ripe avocado, ½ tsp of coconut oil, and 2 tsp of honey. Mix those ingredients in the bowl. Mash the avocado too until it becomes creamy. After that apply the mask to your face. Leave it for 15 minutes only and wash your face with cold water. You can apply this mask twice a week. Soon you will get a healthy and moist skin. You can eat the mask that you don’t use your face!

The Wrong Diets You Probably Ever Done

Diet is a common thing for a woman who wants their body becomes thinner. So many types of diet we can search on the internet, for example in Idealproteinreviews. All the types of doing diet are good for our body, but we have to know how to filter which one is better. Because there are some types of diet could destruct our skin.

Be Careful Of Your Diets!

We all know what the purpose of doing diet, right? Some kinds of diet can guide you to a thing you don’t want to. If you stepped on a wrong kind of diet, you will probably get dry skin, dull skin, or acne. That is terrible for you, first, you want to become thinner but you get another bonus like acne. So, here is the type of diets you got to be careful with, so you would not be trapped. Don’t forget to visit as your ideal diet references.

First, a purified carbohydrate such as bread, noodle, and rice have been claimed as a hard carbohydrate. They can increase your blood sugar and create an inflammation of your skin. To avoid this diet, implement a natural diet by consuming cereal or seeds every day to limit an additional sugar.

Second is milk diet. Consuming some milk can be the best way to strengthen our bones and maintain our protein content in the body. However, several types of milk could be connected with acne. So, change the milk with yogurt.

Third, sugar diet has been popular. Most people are afraid of the content of sugar because of soda and another unhealthy sweet food. Whereas, sugar is one of important thing that our body needs, furthermore for a healthy skin. So, the best way to get balance is by consuming natural sugar from fruits and don’t avoid it at all. Our body has to be ideal like in Idealproteinreviews, you can see how to get an ideal protein.

Fun Exercise With Family To Live Healthily

The most family does not have enough time to gather and spend quality time. Each family member is sometimes too busy during weekdays with school and office activity. Meanwhile, on Sunday they just love to stay at home and rest. There is no exercise and no fun at all. Have you ever thought about doing something fun and healthy together?

The Importance Of Regular Exercise

Do you know why the family should spend some time to do sport together? It is because the passive lifestyle has led to several genetic illnesses. If you do not want your beloved children to suffer from disease later in life, ask them to exercise. Besides preventing illness, doing regular exercise can build a good habit for your children. Obviously, all your family can be healthy and live longer.

How To Make Your Family Love To Exercise?

There are a lot of sports you can do together with your beloved family. You can also make the activity as fun as possible. It will make your children excited to wait the upcoming weekend.

  • Swimming

Children love to play with water. You can also teach your children how to swim correctly. It is always fun to swim and play on pool slides. Moreover, you can also play some games like water ball, mermaid races and many more.


  • Sport Games

Another fun activity that all family would love is playing sports games. You can team up with your family members and split the family into two teams. There are lots of sports games you can play. Soccer, badminton, basketball or even baseball is always fun to be played in your backyard or neighborhood park.


  • Cycling

Lastly, you can go around the neighborhood or park by bicycle. Little children would love to learn how to ride a bicycle. Imagine how happy a family is when a father holds and supports his daughter who tries to balance the bicycle.

How To Take Care Of Your Healthy Eyes?

Taking care of our eyes is the part of our activities to take care of our health. We need our healthy eyes so that we can have the right function of our eyes. Eyes are the sensitive part of our body, so we really need to take care of it. You might also already know that many people might have a problem with their eyes and eyesight. So, if you still have your healthy eyes, it would be good if you know how to take care of your eyes. So, read the following paragraphs for more information about taking care of your eyes.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes

For you who want to have healthy eyes, you have to pay attention to the habit that you do while using your eyes for reading and doing other activities.

  1. Enough Distance to Read

When you have read as your hobby, you might often read many thick books in your room or everywhere. This is important if you give enough distance to your eyes with the object, such as books, magazine or newspaper that you read. The distance can help your eyes to stay healthy and keep its accuracy on seeing something.

  1. Enough Light to Read

Not only about enough distance, using your eyes to read also has something work with the light. Do not read in the room with not enough light, since it will make your eyes work even harder. Then, it can affect the condition of your eyes and your eyes might become tired.

  1. Enough Distance with Monitor

If you are working in front of a monitor all day long, make sure to not get too close to the monitor. Your eyes will be hurt when you do that thing.

Those simple things are things that really help you to take care of your health. So, make sure to follow that advice for good condition of your eyes.

Problem Solving Of High Heels Health’s Problem

Are you a career woman who are always using high heels in your daily activities? Ok, let me tell you that it is not healthy. Well, maybe you already know about it but you just do not care with it. However, you should care because it related to your appearance. If you are women, you know how important the appearance is. So, do not break your own foot and let’s get the problem solving for this high heels things.

How To Solve High Heels Health’s Problem In Women?

It sometimes already become the rules for women to wear high heels for their job. However, you know there are so many types of shoes. High heels with too high heels are not the only option. Come on, you are living in modern days where you can choose what you can wear, including the shoes. So, here are the tips to solve the high heels problem for you:

  1. You should choose the platform type of shoes if you want to add the height of your body.
  2. However, if you still insist to use the ordinary high heels; you better do not wear the high heels more than two inches high. This kind of high heels also beautiful but still safe for your foot.
  3. You should avoid the high heels type of stiletto or the heels with two tiny sticks. It will hurt your foot and forefoot.

There are so many options for high heels nowadays. Your company does not force you to use only one type of high heels, right? So, choose the one that will make you healthy and do not torture your body.

If you think the company does not like the shoes you have chosen and force you to wear too high heels; you know you have choices. You may continue to work there or get the better place for better health. Beauty not only come from high heels.