Best Place To Visit In Bali For Photos!

Jean   September 25, 2017   Comments Off on Best Place To Visit In Bali For Photos!

The best place to visit in Bali is not just about visiting but also taking a photo! It is very common for every tourist to take a photo in the places that they’ve been visited. Even it becomes a lifestyle right now. After that, they will post it on their social media. That’s why right now there are many places that offer the view just for the sake of a photo.

Best Places In Bali That Offers Great View

Here are our recommendations of places in Bali that not only offer beautiful scenery but also many beautiful spots to take photos.

  1. Yellow Bridge in Nusa Ceningan

For those of you who want to explore the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNusa Penida, it would be better if you also visit Yellow Bridge in Nusa Cengingan. Just like the name, this bridge has yellow color. The bridge is used to connecting Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. There are many tourists who take their photos here. With the bright color of the bridge combined with the blue sea, the result of your photos will be very cool!

  1. Suluban Beach

The next best place to visit in Bali is Suluban Beach. This beach is just 3 km away from Uluwatu Temple. Suluban beach offers tropical beauty of Bali beach. Moreover, this beach is considered as hidden beach so there are less people here. This beach is popular among tourists who want to surf since the waves on the beach is quite large.

  1. Pinggan Village, Kintamani

There are many people who recommend you to go to Ubud if you want to enjoy the atmosphere in village. However, Pinggan Village offers the beauty of Bali from the other side. This village is located in Kintamani. In this best place to visit in Bali, you can see Mount Batur very close since Kintamani is located in the valley of Mount Batur!