A Wonderful Island With Sea Richness

Jean   May 13, 2018   Comments Off on A Wonderful Island With Sea Richness

Raja Ampat is the series island of about four adjacent clusters of the island where is located in the Bird’s Head part in the western area of Papua. This island becomes a destination for many divers who love to see the beauty of the undersea scenery. The island that formed by four group of islands is named according to the largest islands. They are Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool island.

Raja Ampat Islands is a place that has a huge potential to become a tourist attraction, especially for diving. Raja Ampat water traveling spot is known as one of the best for the top 10 of a diving spot in the world. Maybe it is acknowledged as the best site with the complete underwater flora and fauna.

A Place With The Best Reef Area

Raja Ampat is also known as the owner of the best reef area in Indonesia. There are about 450 reef species lived in this area, it is even said that Raja Ampat has the most reef species for about 75% in the ocean all over the world, this the charm that Raja Ampat only have. What a wonderful place to dive. That’s why so many people want to visit Raja Ampat.

If you want to go to Raja Ampat, you can get there by plane from Bali or Jakarta to Sorong via Manado or Makassar or Ambon. The flight will take about 6 hours. From Sorong to Raja Ampat, you can find two ways you can choose, the first is by following the tour with Pinisi ship, or you can stay at Raja Ampat Lodge Dive resort.

Most of the tourist that come to Raja Ampat is a diver because the place indeed has a very beautiful underwater scenery. For you who is a non-diver, there is some beach with white sand, karst island, and endemic fauna and flora, such as Red Cendrawasih, Wilson Cendrawasih, cockatoo, cuscus and various types of orchids. You can visit asiatravelguide.us for more information.