A Simple Explanation On Cleaning The Ducts

Jean   April 15, 2018   Comments Off on A Simple Explanation On Cleaning The Ducts

Ductwork is kind of part or tool to let the air flow better into your house. The main function of this duct is to help in removing the mold, dust, pollutants, and another kind of allergens to the pipes which will flow the air into your house. The concept work of duct must be familiar to you who have installed it. However, how about the duct has been installed but the air still feels stale? You have to check on the duct condition. It can be the duct needs to be cleaned.

What Can I Do To Clean The Duct?

Actually, you need to make clean your ductwork periodically since there is a possibility that there are some dust or mold which will block the flow of air. As the result, the air which comes into your house will not be fresh again. If it seems possible to clean the ducts by yourself, so you can call the technicians. They will clean your ducts as steps like:

  • Checking on the Condition of Ducts

For the first thing that might be done if the technicians come to your home to clean the ducts is checking the condition first. They will inspect the ducts to determine which part that must be cleaned. Then, they will also make some holes to check it but you do not need to worry about it. This procedure has to be done to check for the leaks or cracks.


  • Vacuum the Ducts

If they already found the part that must be cleaned, so they will take the vacuum to clean the ducts. There are two types of vacuum which will be used. It can be van vacuum or handheld vacuum. The using is based on the condition of the ductwork and its effectiveness. After that, it will be brushed manually and scaled back.