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Extreme Simulation Game Of Sortie En Mer

Nowadays, there is a lot of new kind of games that can be found. In mobile, you can find so many games which have a storyline or briefly like a novel. It is kind of an attractive game indeed. So, you do not only take a mission but you will be entertained by the tremendous plot. On PC, you can also get Sortie En Mer download. It is kind of simulator game which has a genre of adventure. What makes it is even greater is the game is FMV game. There is no animated character since you will get a real-simulation-thing on this game.

A Story Line Of Sortie En Mer Game

At the first, you will think that get Sortie En Mer download is not a good idea. However, you have to try it first and will know how tremendous this simulation game is. Moreover, this game is also perfect for you who do not want to win easily. Some reviewers even called this game nearly-impossible-to-win-game.

This game starts from your point of view where you are on the yacht. Then, you will find Julien as a sailor there. However, the yacht gets sudden attacked that make both of you drowned in the sea. The moral value of this game never leaves your life-jacket while on the sea. Since Julien does not have his life-jacket, so he struggles to float on the sea. Then, there will be some acts that bring the tension up. In short, this game depicts how extreme people drown in the middle of the sea like a hallucination, get cold, and many more.

To play this game, you just need to scroll your mouse on some point. Then, the story will be continued. You will know how the game is after get Sortie En Mer download and installed on your PC.