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Simple Tutorial For Building Two-Story House

If you have mastered the skill to build some basic house, you may want to expand your skill on making more complicated one. Upgrading your skill by making the medium level of Minecraft architecture can be a great challenge. You can have cool houses to build in Minecraft with the two-story house.

Preparing Basic And Some Additional Materials

As the size of the house is bigger than any single story house, you will also need more building materials. In this tutorial, we are going to build a house with wooden and cobblestone as basic material. You will need six stacks of wood more or less. To make the house strong enough 28 cobblestones will be enough. Also for lighting, you will need plenty of torches or glow stone.

More floors mean extra decoration and kinds of stuff. You may need a fireplace in your first floor for cool houses to build in Minecraft. Second of all, you may also need to build a basement. More decoration such as plants or flowers and fence will be necessary to make your house look more gorgeous. Additional stuff for the interior will be needed as well.

How To Build Cool Two-Story House

Step 1, build the foundation with 6 by 6 wood planks and fill it. Then, start with first-floor frame by placing wood planks and cobblestone on every edge of the wall. Don’t forget to make 2×2 holes in the middle of every wall for windows and leave space in the front of the door. Put some flowstones in the wall.

Do the same thing for the second floor but you can place the door on the side instead of at the center. After that, put staircase to connect the first and second floor. Placing torches around is highly recommended. Lastly, decorate the outside and inside part of your prepared items. Now, you have your cool houses to build in Minecraft.